Written By:

Tamlyn Amber Wanderlust

Tuesday, 1st February 2022

Lourensford Wine Estate

Lourensford Wine Estate: Wine and Belgian Chocolate. This beautiful Helderberg estate, situated in Somerset West, is another family-friendly gem and one of the most gorgeous estates around to boot! What I love most about Lourensford though is that they are a really interesting estate to visit. You don't just have a tasting centre and eateries - there are boutique shops, their famous market, dreamy garden spaces and so much more to enjoy here. But suffice to say that when you can sample award-winning wines paired with decadent, rich Belgian chocolate... that is a big enough drawcard by my reckoning! What it includes: For R110 per person, you can enjoy three wines and one honey liqueur with accompanying Belgian chocolate slabs. These are paired together as follows:
• The Dome Chardonnay with orange dark chocolate
• Lourensford Estate Merlot with dark cherry chocolate
• Lourensford Estate Shiraz with dark chilli chocolate
• Their unique Honey Liqueur with dark mint chocolate.
Why I enjoyed it: Aside from the fact that the wines and the chocolate are all incredible - what makes this pairing so unique and special is that everything is very elegant and lovely. I also love how once unwrapped, the little chocolate slabs each show through texture and richness their different flavourings. You really get to taste how the chocolate softens, sweetens or enhances the wines.

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