Written By:

Tamlyn Amber Wanderlust

Tuesday, 1st February 2022

Villiera Wines

Villiera Wines: MCC and Nougat Pairing. This Stellenbosch estate is one of the most down-to-earth and yet utterly impressive you will encounter anywhere. I love everything about Villiera: from their eco-friendly farming practices to the amazing game drives, award-winning wines and relaxed farm atmosphere. Although they have a great selection of wine pairings, including chocolate and MCC, it is their MCC and nougat pairing that I will focus on. Even as someone who usually doesn't enjoy nougat, this pairing blew my mind. (It was also especially refreshing to enjoy after an early morning summertime game drive!). This pairing feels like good value too. Especially as you get to enjoy four of the estate's quality sparkling wines paired with delicious nougat. It includes four Villiera MCC wines with nougat tastings. These are paired together as follows: - Grier Brut with the honey nougat and almonds/cranberries - Villiera Tradition Brut with honey nougat and macadamias - Monro Brut with honey nougat and almonds - Tradition Brut Rose with Goji Berry, almond and rooibos tea nougat. Why I enjoyed it: Because it tastes incredible! It is amazing to see how fittingly the MCC and nougat go together. My personal favourite was definitely the Grier Brut and honey and almond/cranberry nougat option. Although the Monro pairing was a tight second for me!

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