Mon Amour Events


Mon Amour Events

I am so excited to have you here! Mon Amour means 'my love' in French and since we're passionate about all love stories and the emotional connection between each wedding and event we can't wait to start this unique journey with you.

Most romantics will consider French as the language of love. I am one of them. I'm Jessica, founder of Mon Amour and passionate about love stories! Being born and raised in a small town, made me appreciate the little details surrounding big moments, which I believe plays a big role in how I plan and execute my weddings and events. I love exploring and trying new things and when I put my heart into something, I make sure it's done with all the passion and commitment I can give!

Mon Amour means 'my love' in French and since we're passionate about all love stories, the emotional connection of each wedding and event, we couldn't have chosen a better name for our business. It embodies the very essence of what we are about and what we hope you feel every step of the way. Mon Amour is an established luxury and boutique wedding and event planning business, situated in the beautiful city of Cape Town.

Our style is modern, contemporary and romantic, with a touch that is unique to every couple's needs. We believe in honest, open relationships and getting to know our clients personally. This ensures we create and execute the wedding or event of their dreams.

We pride ourselves in the fact that we only take on a limited number of weddings and events throughout the year; in order to make sure we pour all our efforts and commitment into each event. We believe your wedding or event should highlight your personality. We aim to create your vision throughout the planning process to make sure innovative and memorable moments come to life. Mon Amour means something different to everyone and our task is to find that meaning and bring it to existence.

Our knowledge & experience in all things divine & creative, accompanied by our strong relationships with fellow local service providers, allow us to create exquisite & memorable occasions unique to each couple.



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