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Milnerton is a seaside suburb on Table Bay and is located north of central Cape Town in South Africa. It is located 11 kilometres to the north of the city's centre. One of the most identifiable features of Milnerton is its lagoon, formed where the Diep River enters the sea, with palm trees adorning the lagoon banks. Woodbridge Island is not actually an island, but rather the area south of Milnerton Golf Club on the peninsula separating the lagoon from the ocean. Two bridges join Woodbridge Island to the mainland of Milnerton proper. The wooden bridge is now a national heritage site, the bridge went through an upgrade phase and has since been reopened to the public. A newer bridge allows cars to cross to the island.

The Milnerton Lighthouse is also a popular landmark found on the island. The beach is a popular recreational area, especially over weekends and public holidays. Milnerton's beach is well known for its view of Table Mountain and is a popular surfing spot. The water is generally cold as a result of the Benguela current that flows along Africa's western shore. The beach is also managed by Milnerton Surf Lifesaving Club, who help to prevent drownings on the beach and surrounding area. Every Wednesday during summer the surfski and stand up paddlers use the SE winds and race the Downwind Dash series to Big Bay beach.

Milnerton is the location of two nature reserves which are owned and managed by the City of Cape Town. The Table Bay Nature Reserve Milnerton Racecourse Section is situated inside the race tracks of the old Milnerton Racecourse.


Weather Forecasting

Three day Weather Forecast for Milnerton

Tuesday, 05 July 2022

Temp: 11°C - 14.6°C

Wind: 16.6km/h

Rain: 0mm


Wednesday, 06 July 2022

Temp: 9.6°C - 15.5°C

Wind: 17.6km/h

Rain: 0mm


Thursday, 07 July 2022

Temp: 10°C - 16.3°C

Wind: 14.4km/h

Rain: 0.2mm

Patchy rain possible

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