Written By:

Tamlyn Amber Wanderlust

Tuesday, 1st February 2022

Durbanville Hills

Durbanville Hills: Wine and Cheese or Dried Fruit, Biltong Pairings. Durbanville Hills is not only one of the most famous, panoramic estates in the tranquil Durbanville Wine Valley but they also offer some of the most extensive pairing options. And quite honestly, here, I would happily just pay for the views alone - even without the added bonus of award-winning wines and some fun, varied pairings, like chocolate or biltong and dried fruit. What it includes: When we visited, I sampled the Cheese and Wine Pairing, while my colleague tried the Biltong and Dried Fruit option. Both pairings are priced at R105 per person. The Cheese and Wine Pairing includes five wines, with five lovely cheeses. I can't recall the exact pairings but I do remember being absolutely blown away by this option - even though cheese pairings feel like the plainest option around these days. My colleague also raved about their traditionally South African Biltong and Dried Fruit pairing. (Again, this offered five wines paired with biltong and dried fruit pieces.) Why I enjoyed it: For a start, can you ever go wrong with good cheese and wine? But it is so much more than just a satisfying pairing combo because everything from the chic tasting room to the breathtaking views makes this a special winetasting experience. I also love that they have both a Chocolate Pairing and Crystal Tasting, as well as a unique Collectors Reserve tasting experience (R295 per person; bookings required). The latter includes a private cellar tour and an interactive food-and-wine experience, as well as a complimentary, takehome bottle of wine.

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