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Sunday, 27th March 2022

Hiking in Kleinmond


Kleinmond has probably some of the most beautiful short hiking trails in the Western Cape, if not South Africa. You can choose to hike in the mountains, along the beach, along the Palmiet river or along the golf course, which is ranked amongst the most beautiful in South Africa.

A kilometer or so west from Kleinmond, you can also visit the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve for another extraordinary hiking experience. The Kogelberg Biosphere reserve covers 103,629 hectares of which more than 80% consist of mountain landscape - from high mountain peaks and deep valleys to gentle hills and lower mountain slopes.

Along the Palmiet River
Start at the Palmiet Camping site and walk north along the Palmiet river towards the R44 bridge and Palmiet Rock pools. The river is relatively shallow and you can swim in it.

Along the beach
You can start your journey on the Palmiet sandy beach and walk in a eastern direction. You'll get a wooden path that will take you to the Kleinmond harbour. From there you continue east along a rocky beach on a combination of wooden, paved and gravel paths all the way to Sandowns Restaurant and Kleinmond sandy beach.

Into the Mountains
Just east of the R44 bridge crossing the Palmiet river is an entrance to public braai facilities. Here are several routes you can take including Perdeberg Peak and Kasteelkopnek. Some of these paths are quite steep, but the beautiful views makes it worth the while. Walking these paths after heavy rains makes it more spectacular as the streams and waterfalls flows much stronger.

Along the Golf course
Starting on 15th Avenue you can take on Jeans Hill. A relatively steep walk makes for a worthwhile scenery experience. If you're looking for a more effortless workout, you can continue to follow the Hanneshoek trail that'll take you along the northern boundaries of the Kleinmond Golf course.

Credit: Dept. Forestry, Fisheries & the Environment

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