Recreational diving opened the seas, rivers, lakes and quarries to millions of people worldwide. Born with the invention of the scuba regulator by Jacques Cousteau and Emile Gagnan in the 1940s, recreational scuba diving has evolved from a sport only for daring, hardy young men to an activity enjoyed by both genders from about eight years old to whatever. Thanks to advances in equipment, training and support services over the years, today many adventurous people enjoy diving.

Scuba diving can take you to some of the most exotic destinations in the world, immerse you in new cultures and open new creative outlets. Through recreational scuba diving, you become involved with the environment in ways that can make a difference. It can be high-charged and intense, or delightful and relaxing. Unlike many sports, in diving a seasoned pro can pair with a rank novice and have just as much fun.

Recreational scuba diving has a defined set of limits, training and equipment requirements. You can therfore dive no deeper than 40 metres within the no stop limits of recognized dive tables or dive computers. When diving within an overhead environment, the total horizontal and vertical distance to the surface may not exceed 40 metres and light from the surface must always be visible.

Credit: All4Diving.com

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