Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary


Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary

Educational Visits

On your visit you can expect to observe, photograph and enjoy the majestic Lions (brown and white), the purring Cheetah, the cheeky Leopards (golden and black) and the powerful Bengal Tigers, in addition to the striking Caracals.

See, Hear and Enjoy Everything These Animals Have to Offer

Come and visit Panthera Africa, and our knowledgeable and passionate staff will educate you on interesting facts about the different species, and enlighten you on our animals' unique personalities and their heartfelt rescue stories. You will be able to see, hear and enjoy everything these animals have to offer.

Children's Educational Visits

Children under 8 years can now enjoy a shorter educational visit at Panthera Africa on Saturday mornings. Spend the morning learning about Lions, Tigers, Leopards and Caracals and meet our magnificent pride. We recommend this visit for children under 8 years who are accompanied by an adult. Enjoy a morning with the big cats as your passionate host takes you around the enclosures and share the fascinating stories and facts about each species.

Sunset Visits

See Big Cats At The Magical Time of Day

Sunset is a magical time of day here at Panthera Africa, and we love sharing this sacred time with our four-legged friends! We would like to invite you to join in this unique experience and you may even hear and see the Lions roar! Come and enjoy the early evening with your loved ones as the sun sets and the cats come alive after a long day of rest! Your passionate host will take you around to the big cat enclosures and tell you their heartfelt stories, and how they came to be at Panthera Africa. Learn interesting and important facts about each specie and the big cat industry as a whole. Enjoy the unique atmosphere as you observe and photograph the cats at this enchanted time.

'We should have respect for animals because it makes better human beings of us all' - Jane Goodall




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