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Barfoot Host

Barefoot Host offers a simple way to ensure that your property is run efficiently at all times. We encompasses a huge range of services, from active marketing across multiple platforms to day to day maintenance, bookings management and guest services. Why do you need Barefoot Host to manage your holiday home?

Time and time again, we have seen that self-managed rentals can never compare to professionally managed rentals. Trying to do it on your own will almost always result in guest complaints, endless headaches and a great deal of stress. Even if you have time to dedicate exclusively to managing reservations, dealing with guests, organising housekeepers, maintenance, handling day to day management and also marketing your property, you will have trouble doing everything on your own. Barefoot host takes care of all of those time consuming tasks that make the world of a difference, from regular housekeeping to 24-7 assistance to clean swimming pools to fresh towels and bedding to home maintenance. Management is not a waste of money; it is the best thing you can do for your holiday home. A well-managed holiday home will always get good reviews, repeat bookings and a solid reputation.

Booking platforms have hundreds of homes being offered to prospective guests. You shouldn't assume guests want what you would want when looking for accommodation. Do you truly understand what guests look for when choosing holiday rentals? Guests want to enjoy a stress-free holiday, starting from the moment they make enquiries, and ending when they check out. Would you prefer your guests to be personally met and warmly welcomed when arriving or have to collect keys without any interaction? Barefoot Host takes pride in friendly one on one interaction with guests, that leave amazing reviews based off of the feeling of being valued. Barefoot Host strives to make sure each guest is a happy guest, having the best experience one could have, meeting and exceeding all expectations.

Our services include and are not limited to:

Manage your inbox - Promptly attending to all guest enquiries received through our various channels, in order to ensure that guests experience efficient services.

Property listing - includes gorgeous photos, descriptive copy and relevant information.

Pricing - Establishing the best price to beat local competitors l Marketing - On social media as well as on our various channel managers for the best results

Cleaning and laundry - A thorough cleaning of your entire property before new guests arrive.

Communication, vetting guests, and bookings.

Management of account, completely transparent, maximise performance.

Key exchange coordination - Welcoming guests and sharing knowledge of your property and area attractions, as well as saying goodbye and checking that your property is left clean with no damages.

Property audit - creating a full list of every household item, inside and outside and replenishment of essentials l Maintain property , organise repairs & upgrades.



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